Pictures and bios of visitors to #BDSM_Vancouver. Let's face it, it's nice to know who you're talking to sometimes. It makes the channel feel more like a community, rather than a detached pile of words. This is the place to go if you want more information about someone. Of course, the privacy of our visitors will always be respected, so if there's not alot of information on someone spend some time and get to know them and maybe they'll be willing to share more with you privately.

Channel Owner/Operators

Name: Darkfall-
Status: Channel Owner

Darkfall is the channel owner, as well as the webmaster of this page. You will often find him in #BDSM_Vancouver as DarkAWAY-. He's slightly nuts most of the time, and pops online when help is needed or he needs to unwind a little with a bit of insanity. You'll see him at the various munches most of the time. He connects to the Internet by taking one of our earth satelites hostage and bouncing signals off of it. One day his race will come here and make everyone look just like him - Surrender...Resistance is fruity!

Name: jeanyyy
Status: Channel Operator

jeanyyy is one of the more frequent visitors to the channel. She's fun, almost always in a good mood, and friendly. But she's attached - sorry folks. jeanyyy and her Dominant, SirSturm, are the founders of #Seattle_Scene on Undernet.

Channel Visitors

Name: Shaynelle
Status: Channel Visitor

Shaynelle is a fun loving Switch, but prefers to be a sub. She's also quite the prankster! She's looking for a millionaire Dom or Domme, and she prefers to seek out her own victims rather than being sought.

Name: MTD`` / Bass` / Basstard
Status: Channel Visitor

MTD`` visits us on Undernet and Bondagenet regularly. He is a talented musician and has a vast collection of bass guitars. But don't be fooled ladies, he has more than one talent! This Dom likes to spend his weekends at his private hideaway in Washington, but resides here in British Columbia.

Name: Berniebc
Status: Channel Visitor

Berniebc is an outgoing Dom who enjoys watching sports as well as playing ice hockey and golf. You can find him on Undernet when he's not hard at work, or look for him in New West (his house is the one with all the ladies lined up at the door). Psssst...ladies, be sure to let him know you are wearing white stockings when you see him in the channel, it's his fetish!

Name: D_Raven and LRaven
Status: Channel Visitor

D_Raven and LRaven are a bi poly couple in Vancouver that occasionally frequent #BDSM_Vancouver. D_Raven is primarily dom, but can occasionally switch, and LRaven is a consumate switch.  In their spare time they enjoy kickboxing, music, and being very social :)

Name: amazonpet
Status: Channel Visitor

amazonpet used to think she lived on Vanilla Island, but in the past year many lifestylers have come out of the woodwork to create a diverse community on Vancouver Island.

Name: kiley
Status: Channel Visitor

kiley is a submissive from Victoria. she is a regular visitor to most BC bondage channels including #BDSM_Vancouver and #BC_BDSM. kiley is often found harrasing HNGs and getting into trouble. she is a self proclaimed brat, although she has her shy and sweet moments. She claims to love oranges too. although she says they must be frozen first as they taste better then.

Name: sub_emmy
Status: Channel Visitor

sub_emmy is a single submissive looking for Master Right. She realized she was submissive about 2 years ago, but never had any training. Recently, she has taken up writing about her fantasies. She has a web site with a few stories, and if you are interested you can sometimes find her on in #BDSM_Vancouver.

Name: Master Merlin and Red{MM}
Status: Channel Visitor

She is from Alabama and He is from Surrey, British Columbia. They met in June, 1999 online. After having a really good connection and long distant relationship via phone and computer, she came up for a visit in November and they were married a month later. They live in Surrey with their 8 year old son. He has been a Dom since about 1996 and she has been in the lifestyle about a year and a half and still new to the scene... She is His submissive. They are outgoing, friendly and she is known to be a lil loopy at times... just don't make fun of her southern accent. They hang out in #BDSM_Vancouver and #BDSM_BC on IRC and in #Lifestyles on POWWOW. They have recently started attending public functions. They like camping, hiking, biking, playing cards, cooking out, and hanging out with friends.

Name: Phoniex
Status: Channel Visitor

Bio coming...Err...We think. [grin].

Name: Domina Vega
Status: Channel Visitor

Domina Vega has been a bi-sexual Switch (primarily Domme) since 1988. Most of her time is taken up with her various submissives and everyday outdoor activites. But she does manage to still find time to hang out on BDSM-BritishColumbia as well as her own list the PNW-PonyClub.

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Are you a fairly regular visitor of #BDSM_Vancouver on Undernet or BDSMNet? Would you like to have a your photo and/or a short blurb about yourself here for other people to see? If so, please send your nickname, a photo (if you like), and a short blurb about yourself to and we'll add you. Alternatively, you can catch Darkfall- online and DCC your information to him there (ask in channel before doing so, though please).

If you'd prefer not to have a photo of yourself displayed publicly, that is fine - we understand. We respect your right to privacy. You can, however, still have a blurb - we'll just put a place-holder in where your photo would normally go. Or, you could submit a fun photo that you feel suits your personality. Either way, we'd love to have you!

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